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Inspiring Women in Technology: Rachel Sterne

Rachel Stern: Tech Savvy NYC

I am so inspired by smart, successful women who are leading the way in today’s high tech world. It is so important that we have strong and intelligent role models  for young girls and other women for look up to. Rachel Sterne is a trailblazer, using technology and social media to unite and inform New York City’s citizens in times of emergency.

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Excerpt: “In late August, while millions of New Yorkers rode out Hurricane Irene with bottled water, flashlights, and transistor radios, Rachel Sterne, the Bloomberg administration’s 28-year-old chief digital officer, was hunkered down in City Hall with a MacBook Pro, a BlackBerry, and an iPhone. As wind and rain lashed the five boroughs, Sterne was involved in a real-time experiment in how a municipal government networks with its citizens during a natural disaster. It involved coordinating the city’s use of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, Crowdmap, and its own Web site and data mine to send out alerts (“Stay indoors”), provide maps with citizen-submitted photos and reports (downed trees, power outages), and answer questions spreading through the digital sphere (No, Rikers Island is not in an evacuation zone; yes, you can take your pets to shelters). “It was a really exciting case study of how technology can exponentially increase our reach during an emergency,” Sterne says. “I could totally nerd out talking about it forever.”

Written  by Adam Green | photographed by Sebastian Kim (Source:

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