Free WIFI, Top 5

Top 5 Places for FREE WiFi!

CoffeefreewifiAs a mobile and tech savvy society, we have all of our high tech gadgets, smartphones and tablets literally attached to our hands wherever we go. Whether you are a student, own your own business, or just want to have some time away from home to work on your laptop, it’s important to know where we can easily and safely sit down and get Free WiFi.

Today, businesses and restaurants are very aware that offering Free WiFi to its customers will not only create brand loyalty, but people tend to spend more money (ordering yet another cup of coffee!) while they are working online. Nowadays, many local restaurants and cafes are catching on to Starbucks and Panera’s success and offering Free WiFi too.

Here are my favorite places to go for FREE WiFi. **TIP: To make it even easier for you, you can download this Great App from iTunes called “Free WiFi Finder” today.**

          1. Starbucks – The Pioneer of Free WiFi, Starbucks is the quintessential “freelancer’s office” where you will see tons of patrons on laptops and iPads, people holding serious business meetings and even Skype-ing or FaceTiming live from the cafe floor! I usually order a with a Venti Caramel Macchiatto and croissant and I’m good to go for a few hours.
          2. images-4Panera Bread – Panera has become the new hangout for Free WiFi, with it’s great food and large amounts of comfortable seating. I love Panera’s salads, fresh-made sandwiches and huge selection of  fresh artisinal bread for sale, which makes this the perfect spot to work for a few hours. I often see large groups of students (both adults and teens) working on their laptops, people holding meetings, and tables of moms, dads and kids tapping away on their iPhones and iPads.
          3. Your Local Library – The most obvious place that offers Free WiFi, but many people tend to forget…your local library is the perfect, quiet place for you to do work, surf the web, do research online or just get a nice book to read.  Whether you use the library’s computer stations or bring your own laptop, getting on the Web has never been easier. Each library has their own rules about Internet access. Typically, you just need to get a username/password from a librarian. Most libraries have dedicated areas and reading rooms for Adults, Teens and Children, so you can choose which area suits your needs best. Many even have private conference rooms and private study pods, and the librarians are so helpful and always willing help with your needs And the best part…it’s all FREE! **TIP:  Visit the US Department of Education website to find a library near you!**
          4. Hotels – Naturally, business travelers are well aware of all the best WiFi hotspots at airports and hotels, but even people not traveling can get in on this “not-so-secret” fact that you can get Free Wifi in hotels. Hotel lobbies are a great place to settle in and do some work on your laptop or take a lunch bread and catch up on Facebook…just be wary that hotel security might take notice if you linger too long and look out of place! Be discreet, order a drink or lunch and make yourself at home.
          5. Public Spaces/Outdoors –  These days, we are living in one big, connected society, both indoors and out. While the term “cyberspace” is sort of outdated now, it sort of best describes the world we live in. Airports, subway and train stations are definitely places that are getting wireless connections and offering Free WiFi to commuters and travelers.  But now, the trend is to see public spaces with hotspots. **In fact, Times Square in New York City is one giant Hotspot…Just look for “Visitor Center FREE WIFI” when you are there!** 
            Times-Square_9763Whether you are in a major city such as Boston, San Francisco, or Amsterdam…or even a small college town, be sure to look for FREE WiFi when you are out and about. You may be pleasantly surprised to find hotspots in city parks, playgrounds or any other public place people get together and converge.
      • Have a great day!
      • Melissa

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