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Hustle & Heart Podcast!

IMG_0615Welcome to “The Hustle & Heart Podcast” with your host, Melissa Rush!

Episode 3 features Sara Erlandson, Owner of House of Style Salon in Norwood, MA and Master Hair Stylist. 😍


Sara is technically trained in cutting and color correction…💇🏻‍♀️She’s a real firecracker, and a cool and awesome woman who is like a “sister from another mister” to me! 🔥As always, we laugh a lot…and get deep on being strong female role models to our daughters, taking risks and living our lives to the fullest. We fall into the rabbit hole and talk about her fangirl moment with Fabio (and his hair!), Sara’s desire to be on Netflix cooking show “Nailed It,” the ups & downs of mermaid hair and getting a #BangforyourBangs. 👩🏼💋Hold onto your ponytail… and get ready to enjoy!

Listen to the podcast on –> Spotify, Soudcloud, iTunes, TuneIn and Stitcher! (Search for “Hustle and Heart Podcast with Melissa Rush” and SUBSCRIBE TODAY!!

–>Instagram: www.instagram.com/HustleandHeartPodcast and https://www.instagram.com/sarahouseofstylesalon

–> Facebook: www.facebook.com/hustleandheartpodcast and https://www.facebook.com/HouseofStyleMA 

Be sure to contact Sara to setup an appointment for the best haircut of your life! Visit the podcast website at http://www.techsavvycoach.com/hustleandheartpodcast for more info! Thank you for listening and supporting us!

Do you have a Story to Tell? 

  • Have you always wanted to share, inspire & connect with others?
  • Are you a fun, fearless female?
  • Are you a strong woman?
  • Do you believe in Girl Power?
  • If you have an interesting or unique story to tell, or a great idea you’d like to explore for Hustle & Heart Podcast…we want to hear from you!
  • Whether it is talking about a personal achievement or struggle, life lesson, woman you admire and respect who inspires you…or someone you would like to nominate to take part in Hustle & Heart Podcast…let us know!
  • Send us an email to HustleandHeartPodcast@techsavvycoach.com 
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“All it takes is a little bit of hustle, and a whole lot of heart!”                  – Melissa Rush, Host of the Hustle & Heart Podcast

Why Hustle & Heart?

As long as I can remember, women have inspired me throughout my life. Whether it was my loving and devoted Mom, my adventurous and brave Aunt, to some of my favorite teachers or co-workers I’ve had the pleasure of knowing…women have been my mentors, my inspiration. I guess I have always lived my life with “a little bit of hustle and a whole lot of heart.” From being a scrappy little kid at sleepaway summer camp in the Berkshires, to taking my first Greyhound bus to New York City at age 18 to dance all night at The Limelight (sorry Mom & Dad! LOL) … I have worked hard to achieve the things I wanted in life… Good, Bad or a little too Wild. I took the risk. I made it happen. I remember fighting to get an internship at the now-defunct Boston Phoenix to getting into the college of my dreams (Georgetown…Let’s go Hoyas!), to picking up my life and moving overseas to Europe (Amsterdam!)  in search of adventure, to finally finding my soulmate in my husband (I was a late bloomer!), to raising our two beautiful, spirited & gorgeous children. I have hustled and given it my all… heart and soul. 

About the Podcast

  • The goal is to create a podcast that entertains you, inspires you, makes you think, makes you laugh (or even shed a tear), empowers you, informs you, raises you up and makes you feel good!
  • We  have special guests each episode who will share their personal stories with us, talk about the things that really matter in life, lessons learned, advice to share…or just make us think.
  • We will promote our podcast and the stories, businesses and organizations of our guests across multiple social media networks…primarily Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn…and sprinklings of SnapChat, YouTube and more..
  • Develop an exciting and positive “Hustle and Heart” brand, with a focus on empowering, supporting and promoting women and girl, that will include developing the Hustle & Heart Podcast Network, community, live events, merchandise, contents, newsletters, videos, charitable contributions and more…
  • Can you tell we are excited! Let’s do this together! The possibilities are endless!

Support Us!

We are seeking Sponsors and Donors to help fund and grow the Hustle & Heart Podcast! Whether you a local business or a nationally recognized brand, we appreciate you and would love your support! We have various levels of promotional packages available, to get the word out about your company, business, or venture on our podcast! Contact us today at HustleandHeartPodcast@techsavvycoach.com 

Let’s Connect!

I am all about connecting with friends, family, neighbors, interesting people and inspiring mentors, in and around my community. If you or anyone you know is looking to include SHARE YOUR STORY, contact us today to set up a time to talk about YOUR ideas, thoughts and opinions!

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