One-On-One Coaching

As your Tech Savvy Coach, we are available by appointment to meet with you for exclusive, one-on-one help with any of your technology needs. In addition, we run customized technology skills seminars to small groups and organizations to train you in such areas as:

  • Effective Social Media Strategy for your Business
  • Facebook for Businesses and Organizations
  • Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and all other popular social media platforms
  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Web Redesign and Brand Development
  • Marketing material design
  • Special Events Planning

Expertise in any PC laptop or Apple/ Mac product, including:

  • Mac laptops: MacBook Pro or Air
  • PC laptops: Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc.
  • iPhone or any other Smartphone (Android, Motorola)
  • iPad or any other tablet (Kindle, Google)
  • Software programs, including: Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Social Media Applications (Apps) such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Yelp, Groupon, Netflix, Etsy and more!

We can work on any program or project of your choosing, and you can select a time frame that works best for your schedule.  We are very patient with all of our clients, and no project, question or problem is “too big or “too small.”  Email us today to set up an appointment.



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